Just some of the obvious benefits you will start to notice in your dog’s health and well being within only 8 weeks of switching!

We always recommend contacting with your vet before starting your transition if your dog has any health issues.


Because everyone wants a furry friend to live the longest and healthiest life possible. We believe that your pet should be fed the most beneficial, nutritional and economical diet available. Many people choose to feed their pets a raw food diet because it makes sense that if they feed themselves and their family a healthy balanced diet, then it’s logical to feed their pets in the same way.


Is a fundamental component of a dog’s diet and, raw muscle meats provide high quality and easily digestible protein – the building blocks of good health and immunity. As well as this, an array of essential fats, vitamins and minerals can be found in raw meat proteins which unlike heavily processed sources of meat products, are not diminished through the cooking process.


Bones play a major role in your dog’s health throughout their whole life. A natural source of calcium, phosphorus, glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen and marrow come from crushed real bone. All of there components result in healthy growth in puppies as well as for adult dogs.


Offal is loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats which is essential in our dogs overall health and well-being.
They are extra rich in macronutrients (fats, carbs and proteins), as well as vitamins such as D, B, K and A. Moreover, offals are rich in magnesium, iron and copper as well.


The ideal combination for BARF is:

80 % RAW MEAT - 10% BONE - 10% OFFAL

If you’re keen to get started on a raw food diet, you can get prepared with our transitioning guide ‚’MAKING THE 7 Day SWITCH’’ HERE.

We are proud to offer our customers ONLY 100% o natural high quality human grade meat and wholesome ingredients.

Our suppliers are D.E.R.F.A licensed