Our Story

Welcome to Raw Feeding Wales, the home of great food for dog.

As a dog lovers and owners for many years Miniature Dachshunds we always wanted to get the best for them. Therefore, our story started couple years ago when we began to look closey at the ingredients in our supermarket bought dog food. To say we were shocked is an understatement. The product labels told a different story to the flashy ads on the T.V.

Further investigation revealed a masking of the real ingredients. The ‘Real meat’ turned out to be low quality meat derivative and not the fresh wholesome cuts as advertised. Time for a change we thought. As a result our dogs have been fed on a raw diet since and it fair to say they are strong, healthy and very very happy.

We decided to open a small shop in the heart of city centre in Swansea to supply food and to offer imparial advice to those wishing to transition acorss processed to raw. We are happy to continue to support our customers throughout their dogs lives.
Why not pop in and see us, have a chat and checkout the largest range of dog food in Swansea area.