Fruit & Vegetables Nuggets For Adult Dogs 1Kg


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Peas 30%
Carrots 30%
Swede 30%
Apple 5%
Blueberries 3%
Seaweed 1%
Spinach 1%


For complete control over your dog’s diet, try our Fruit and Vegetable Nuggets for dogs. These tasty nuggets work perfectly alongside our Just Meat range, for a wholesome side dish your dog will adore. These carefully blended vegetable and fruit nuggets for dogs are a delicious mix of 7 wholesome vegetables and fruits, providing your dog with a diverse and varied profile of beneficial nutrients.

Simple, real ingredients mean you can understand exactly what you’re feeding your dog, and how much. Our tasty mix includes apples and blueberries, for a potent source of natural fibre and vitamins.

Our frozen Fruit and Vegetable Nuggets for dogs couldn’t be simpler to serve. Simply count out the number of nuggets you wish to feed, then allow them to thaw before combining with your pooch’s preferred raw protein. Conveniently and freshly frozen in nugget form, this is an easy way to mix up your dog’s diet and introduce new sources of nutrition. As with all our recipes, these nuggets are developed with input from our experienced in-house veterinary team.

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